Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun Movies

So the girls and i went to the video store a few weeks back to rent some movies. They picked out a few pretty old ones. To our dismay, when we got home they all had issues playing in the dvd player.
So i went to and found them all for super cheap.
Here is the list:

Wild Hearts Can't be Broken- 1991

Secret Garden-1993

A Little Princess-1995

Free Willy-1993
I actually got a package deal for freewilly 1 through 4.

The girls loved all these movies and the best part is they were very "clean".
Plus together they cost me about $20 !
I remembered watching them all as a kid.
My favorite is still Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.
The leading guy is so handsome ;-)

Also we got rango and with a 5 dollar coupon it was only ten bucks.

Now i know some people don't like this movie .
Saying its scary but my kids did not think it was scary.
I did not like all the cussing though.

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