Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Kylie!

These children will not stop growing!
Her favorite present was this "sew cool"
Thanks Gramma!

It was a beautiful 65 degree day.
We went to the park and the kids road around the empty 
tennis courts and then we all played softball.

Then we walked the 2.5 miles around the pond.

We were off of yeast for the week of Passover so
we had custard instead of cake.
She had a huge Tin Roof Sundae with a cherry on top!

We ended the day with tacos per her request:)

Kylie is very creative. She has a craft drawer in her room 
and is constantly making all sorts of things,
She recently made her American Girl Doll
a backpack out of duck tape and an empty washed
crouton bag!
Also a doll size tissue box out of cardboard
which she covered with washi tape.
She loves to play store where she is the cashier.
Her favorite part is scanning the sale items
with her "real" price scanner:))))

The last few months she has been learning how to cook
and helps with dinner often.
Her favorite after school snack to make herself:
fresh spinach and bell peppers which she sautes and squeezes
fresh lemon.

She is one special little lady!

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