Friday, April 7, 2017

Gabriella Emi turned TWO

First she was unsure of what was going on.
Then she decided she did not like the candle flames.
Everyone took turns trying to show her how
to blow them out.
That didn't work lol

Notice the boys face to the left!

Mommy stepped in and it was all better ;-)))))

Once she realized it tasted yummy she was ready!

Gabriella Emi is growing so fast.
We are all sad that the baby of the family is
turning into a very petite toddler.
She has just enough hair for a ponytail 
that sticks straight up in the air. 
She runs fast and keeps up with her brother.
She LOVES to dance and hates the car.
She loves to cuddle and kiss boo-boos, especially her own.
She follows her daddy around like
 he has candy in his pockets.
She loves dresses and shoes, even if
they don't belong to her.
She is 20 lbs of love and giggles!
We are all very much in love with little

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