Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter School Programs

Kirstin's was first. Top back row.

Next was Kylie and MiKaylas'.
It was 8 degrees that morning so we had
a two hour delay which bumped Kylie's
to the same time as MiKaylas.
Derek and Kirstin went to Kylies and 
Gramma D went to MiKaylas.
I stayed with the babies.

I was so sad to miss MiKaylas' first program but very
thankful Gramma D went. 
She took lots of pictures and video taped
the whole show!
Thanks Gramma:)
We finished out the programs with Kaveri.
As you can see, I was in the way back :(

In case you lost count....that's four school
programs at four different schools in
the last two weeks.
We all got the privilege of
waiting outside in the long metal
detector lines in the freezing cold.

We do enjoy watching their cute little
dance moves:)

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