Sunday, November 1, 2015

Candy Time 2015-Here we go!

Gabriella-a flower(worn by EVERY SINGLE girl)
Daniel- green dragon
MiKayla- Frozen Anna
Kaveri- 50s Bop Girl (homemade)

Friends: monster high girl, fairy(homemade), and
 black parade from 21 pilots(homemade)

The minute after I took group pictures he threw his
green dragon on the ground. He didn't wear it
to a single house.
But he did say thank you to everyone!
And we got complimented on our well-behaved
polite children everywhere they went:)
*Pat selves on back*

maybe one day I will dig out a picture of each
 girl wearing this flower to see what they each looked like.
Five girls means this little outfit has been worn five times :)))
Lot's of fun and the weather was awesome!

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