Friday, April 26, 2013


What do you get with a call to 911,
a trip to the E.R., and 
an admittance to the hospital?


Passing kidney stones are 
accompanied by but not limited to:

-pain so bad you can't stand
and you are forced to be on
your hands and knees in 
a rocking motion
-enough sweat dripping from
your entire body to soak your clothes
down to your undies
-screaming and crying
- of course a lil' hyperventilation
-and finally the conclusion 
that you must be dying

The nurses were nice enough to give us an extra bed for the 
girls to share.

I had to have blood work, urine test,
ekg, and a CT scan.
The biggest concern was a bloodclot.
But in the process I was cleared
of a huge check list of things.

And I ended up just passing some kidney stones.

Now, we spent a little over 8 hours 
in the hospital and didn't get home till
3:30ish in the morning.

So tired you end up holding your sisters 
butt as a pillow.

I woke up today feeling like I
went a few rounds with Mike Tyson
and must have lost them all.

The doctor told me it would feel
like internal bruising all over my torso
and she was right!

Thanks for all the prayers peeps!
(lots of baby posts coming)

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