Saturday, April 20, 2013

Questions and Conversations About the Baby

The baby came early so he is 10 days old.
I was planning on posting this the night before the hospital.
Lots of fun posts coming.

It's no secret around these parts that we are not to
familiar with baby boys.
There are lots of discussions about what it will be like.
Here are the ones I want to lock in my brain.

Kaveri: "what will Daniel be wearing when he comes out of your tummy?"
Me: "nothing, he'll be naked"
Kaveri: "so all the doctors and nurses will see him?"
Me: "yes"
Kaveri: "why don't you get him dressed first?"
Me: "because I can't reach him inside my tummy"
Kaveri: "Well how 'bout you eat some of his clothes then"

Kylie: "Daniel is a boy?"
Me: "yep"
Kylie: "He's gonna have a PEEEENIS?"
Me:" yep"
Kylie: "so when you change his diaper, his PEEEEENIS will be in there?"
Me: "yep"
Kylie; "so I have a private and he has a penis?"
Me: "well we all have privates"
Kylie:" ok , so I have a private private and he has a penis private?"

I have a feeling when we bring Daniel home,
there will be lots of curious girls wondering 
just what exactly is in that diaper.......
(besides baby poo!)

Kylie:" I don't like Daniel"
Me: "why would you say that"
Kylie: "Because he won't coooommmmmeee OUT!"

MiKayla: "When Daniel comes out how many  teeth will he have?"
Me: "none, they grow later"
MiKayla: "how will he eat?"
Me: "he won't eat food, just drink milk"
MiKayla: " then how will he smile?"

MiKayla: "Daniel will have tiny baby feet?"
MiKayla: "so I can kiss them"
Me: "yes"
MiKayla: "but if he tries to walk down the stairs
he will break his legs?"
Me:" ummm uh-huh"

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