Monday, February 7, 2011

Last Week in Review

-We cleaned out our closet
-Donated clothes and such
-Cleaned out the filing cabinet
-Spent two hours shredding documents of cleaned cabinet
-Washed, dryed, and put away 7 loads of laundry
-Derek took the car to get worked on (has to go back to shop this week-boo )
- Had family movie night:

we liked it:)

-Watched the Penguins bite the dust to the Capitals 3 to 0.....(hockey)
-Family was feeling sickly so we took a family nap
-Watched the Steelers bite the really sad sad dust to the Cheese Heads

    -instead of having the day off of school we only had a two hour delay due to the losing game
-The Steelers STILL have the most superbowl wins!
-Woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache.
-Woke up again b/c MiKayla puked on me. Also three out of four girls had fever.
-Today we are all a little tummy sensitive. so tonight we are having breakfast for dinner and watching a new episode of  Yo Gabba Gabba

-Calling for 2 inches of snow tonight which is sure to bring smiles in the morning :)

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