Friday, February 18, 2011

" I Did It On Purpose"

I love my girls. They are so sweet.

Kaveri hit Mikayla on the head.
I saw her do it, it was an accident.
Daddy did not so he asked what happened.

Daddy- What happened?
Kaveri- I hit her head. I did it on purpose
Daddy- Why
Kaveri- runs away crying.
Mommy- i basically try to explain to Kaveri what the diffence is between "on purpose" and "on accident"
Kaveri- I know mom, i did it on purpose

Kirstin- Mom, today at school a girl kept saying the "F" word
Me- oh my gosh did someone tell the teacher
Kirstin- yeah but she didn't make that big of a deal
Me- Baby, what is the "F" word
Kirstin- (in my ear) Freakin'.......

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