Sunday, August 7, 2016

Texas Summer Trip 2016- The Good-Byes

And just like that 5 weeks went by in a flash.
A couple 100 pictures and a lifetime of memories.
The Texas trip is always hard work.
Besides the long car ride with 6 kids and 2 dogs, 
this summer we survived:
-the emergency dentist visit which required 2 teeth pulled(kylie)
-An ear infection that required antibiotics and long sleepless nights(kaveri)
-the stomach bug which produced 
projectile  baby/ toddler vomiting
(kirstin, daniel, and gabriella)

But watching our kids with their cousins
for days on end swimming,dancing,playing, and laughing, makes it all worth it.

We are forever grateful to our grandparents 
for this amazing trip.
All the hard work they put into the rental 
house which we got to stay in for free.
Putting up a family of 8 + pups is no easy task!
For all the financial help from family, without it we 
wouldn't have been able to make the trip.
For all the family members that loved on our kids
and made precious memories. 
For all the big family meals and get togethers,
because we miss so many throughout the year.

We are so very THANKFUL and feeling blessed!
We love you guys so much and can't wait for the 
next time we can all be together for summer again!


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