Sunday, May 29, 2016

It's Another Birthday Blog!!! 14 & 6

Happy Birthday ladies!

It was super hot and sunny so we had the perfect
party eating watermelon ,hamburgers, and sprinkler fun!

Siblings ;-)

To top off the perfect birthday,
MiKayla got to have her very own birthday
sleep over at Gramma's all by herself.
She had a blast!
Strawberry cake for MiKayla and 
Mississippi Mud Pie for Kirstin

Thankfully neither complains about their joint birthday party.
After 6 of them I think they like it!

So blessed to be their mama.

Kirstin is growing into a mature young woman every day.
She is so beautiful and smart.
Terrified of bugs
and slightly a the good kinda way:)

MiKayla is sensitive and kind hearted. 
A beautiful delicate flower.
She still rides in the cart at the grocery store and loves
to wear ruffle socks with her sandlas.
She is a little princess.

We just officially registered MiKayla for kindergarten
and Kirstin is going into high school.
Seriously we are in shock!
I want to soak up all the summer memories for 
our sweet little MiKayla before her school journey begins.
I'm honestly not sure how I just became a mom
to a high school student but I'm a little scared.
Send Help! 

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