Friday, January 30, 2015

The French Bakery

Wednesday night while laying in bed I 
found myself watching a show about
the best eats in France.

This is really never a good idea because
before you know it your stomach is growling
and your mad that you don't live in France.

The next morning my sweet husband said he was 
taking me out for the day.

He brought me here: Gourmandine Bakery
It was run by a REAL french man
with accent and all!
This sweet dog waited for his
human outside the door.

We got some chocolate croissants, chocolate eclair,
and a macaroon de fruit:)

Then to finish our fun day he took me to this
sweet antique shop run by an old man and his 
funny old men friends.
I found this unique recipe tin (which I happen to collect) with 
Bon Appetit.
It was so fitting for my french day:)))

He really is the sweetest.

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