Monday, June 9, 2014

Lone Survivor

I knew I wanted to watch this movie.

But I also knew it would be what I call a HARD WATCH.
The kind of movie I will have to turn my head,
watch threw my fingers, and shed tears.

I think people forget what men and even boys
go through when they are combat soldiers.
What they stand to lose.

I must have kissed Derek 50 times after the movie.
He is here with me.
He has no more tours of duty.
I get to have my husband, my children have their father.

I think often of the men that were in my wedding,
hung out in my garage, ate dinner at my table,
road motorcycles with my husband,
and fought beside him.

What they have seen, what they have done,
what they endured to survive.
Their scars that will last a lifetime
seen and unseen.

How they protected one another.
The bond they will share for life.
They have a special place in my heart and always will.

Derek isn't the same physically or mentally as before
he left, but he is with me and I am forever grateful.

"You don't fight for yourself. You fight for the brother next to you"

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