Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Last of the Random Kid Conversations for 2013

MiKayla: "can we go down stairs? My brain hurts up here."
Me: "sure"

MiKayla: "will Daniel's wienie fall off when hes bigger?"
Me: "No way!"

Me and Kirstin made chinese stir-fry for dinner.
MiKayla: "what are these green things?"
Kaveri: "centipedes"
MiKayla: "the centipedes are yummy"
(they were snowpeas)

At dinner-family talk-
Me: " Kaveri what was your favorite thing about today"
Kaveri: "this morning when dad yelled at me before school,
it made my heart go beep,beep, beep!"
Enter super sarcastic tone and eye roll

"I told you you I'm a good lipstick chapper"

Kylie: "What's for dinner?"
Me: "corn cheddar chowder" (soup)
MiKayla: "what did she say Kylie?"
Kylie: "chicken nugget soup"

Me: "MiKayla can you scoot over a little, your squishing me"
MiKayla: "no sorry mom, i don't want to get kidnapped"

While goof-ball dancing
Kirstin walks in: "mom are you twerking?"
Me: "Don't ever say that again!"

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