Friday, September 13, 2013

Cyber School

Cyber charter school is in full swing.
The first few days were hectic.
Orientations and learning how to do this and that,
 getting assignments,turning homework in, ect.
School in your jammies:)
She is in 6th grade: science, social studies,math,
language arts, music, and health and wellness (gym)
She has done a science experiment every week and this is 
her first 3-D project.
Daddy helped with the lithium atom model and I helped with 
the slide-show.
She got a 100!
She has live learning class everyday.
She can call or email her teachers if needed.
She prints and scans her homework.
She chats with friends.

We are off to a pretty good start.
She hasn't complained about missing regular school at all :)

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