Saturday, July 7, 2012

Need Help!

Ok, here is the deal,
Derek got me some old barn wood and I intend
on using every last piece to decorate with.
One thing I want him to build us is a headboard.
Lots of people have made them, I haven't found one that is
perfect for us. So we will design it ourselves.

Anywho, I want to do a few small changes to our bedroom.
Nothing major,mostly DIY stuff.
But I do want a new bedspread.
That where you come in!

Blanket America Floral Toile 4-Piece Comforter Set
Option #1 black and white quilt set with awesome striped skirt
option #2 black and off white quilt
Target Home™ Global Geo Bedding - Gray.Opens in a new window.
option #3 grey and white quilt
option # 4 blue and pink duvet 
Simply Shabby Chic® Cherry Blossom Quilt.Opens in a new window
option #5 white cherry blossom quilt

See the dilemma?
All different. The grey one is my least favorite.
I have really considered all white but I'm scared it will get "hurt," lol.
I would like it to be romantic and on the thin side.


  1. Black e and white coverlet w/ striped skirt definatly!!! Might b what ur momma might say:-)


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