Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey

Last year, when my mom was living here, we ate our first organic turkey for thanksgiving.
It was the best tasting juice turkey that we have ever eaten.
It tastes NOTHING like the ones you get at the grocery store.
Good ol' unhealthy unnatural butterball. No Thanks!

Anyways, this year we also pre-ordered a turkey from
our local all natural turkey farm.
Ours will be never frozen. (although they have them frozen)
No hormones, no antibiotics, and no additives including salt.
They are raised the old fashion way for last 70 years.

I recently was sent this artificial from a another blog mom:

 Unnatural Turkeys:

Americans are expected to eat more than 40 million of the big birds this month for Thanksgiving, so we asked the same question everyone’s thinking: where do they all come from? The answer might surprise you.......

Specifically, the question is this: of all the commercially raised turkeys in the U.S., what percentage are the product of artificial insemination?

The answer, oddly enough, is 100 percent. Why? Well, it’s a supply-and-demand story. Because Americans particularly love to eat turkey breast meat (a great delivery platform for gravy!), turkeys have been selectively bred over the years to have bigger and bigger breasts. So big, in fact, that when it comes time for a male turkey to naturally reproduce with a female, his massive breast prevents him from getting close enough to complete the act.Turkeys are hardly the only animals that are sex-starved before being trotted off to slaughter. Experts estimate that up to 95 percent of dairy cows and 90 percent of pigs are the product of artificial insemination.

I decided to google the ingredients of the popular brands of turkey to find that
most contain MSG marked with different names.

Also, me and Derek watched an episode of 'Dirty Jobs'
where he had the gross job of artificially inseminating turkeys.
The fact that that would even be an episode on that show totally weirds me out!

Now we don't as healthy as I would like, but we are trying.
I buy organic beef from a local farm. Chicken with no hormones or antibiotics.
And now the organic turkey.
We try not to eat pork at all.
(yes I know we did have ribs on my bday)

I urge you to try an organic turkey this year, if not for the healthy aspect,
try it for the amazing taste!

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  1. Touche WOW memee I am impressed. I did not get this blog in my email but your pre-intro intreged me. I went straiggt to your blog. And u said a mouth full. What your readers may not "get" is that eating all the artificial hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pestisides cause normal cells in our body to mutate causing pre cancerous cells that spread. It is a big deal. And I pay more not because i can but I cant knowingly feed goverment seal of approval trash to my loved ones. Thank you for getting on your imformative soapbox!
    I am going to miss thanksgiving with u guys so much. Jeff and I will be eating a Whole Foods thanksgiving. Boy do I miss Whole Foods!!
    Love you all,


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