Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God saved the Day!

At our house we have a desktop and a laptop.
Recently our desktop crashed.
It said 'update windows' so I clicked it.
Then after it was done it said 'restart'
just like it does after any update.
We got the 'black screen of death'
That's what it was called when I googled how to fix it.
We tried several different steps.
Even watched youtube videos of computer guys walking you through stuff to try.
I now know what a Bios system is.
Do you? It's in your computer!
Then after several days and several attempts to fix it,
we still were looking at the black screen.

Fast forward four days and we noticed a stick on our tower.
It was a 1-800 number that said lifetime technical support.
A sweet little woman with a thick accent walked Derek through several steps.
Basically everything was erased on our computer,
as if we just took it out of the box.
All our folders, our favorites,our music. Gone!
But......drum roll please.........
We now have a working computer!

We all prayed about the computer.
With Christmas and my sisters wedding around the corner we
DID NOT have the money to replace it.
Thank God for the laptop b/c the same week the computer crashed
Kirstin had two school projects that required internet research.

The Lord gave us a miracle!

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