Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who loves Foam?

We need a new mattress. we have for a long time. For over a year me and Derek have been waking up with some sore backs.

 So awhile back i bought a 3 inch foam mattress from Sam's. It was nice for a while but the aches came back. Literally in the back;-)

 Yes we need a new mattress again. No we can't afford it.

So i researched online for a few days/hours looking for another temporary fix.

 I found another foam mattress but this time it was a 4 inch. It had a 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1,832 reviews. Thats alot of reviews. So with my coupon code and extra free shipping..... I got a $300 foam mattress for $77 bucks.
It came in the mail. We set it out to let it fully rise for 72 hours, then we slept. It feels like a cloud!
Plus we have white sheets and a white down comforter, so it looks like a cloud too!
(i know-brave for parents of 4)
We have been sleeping good for over a week. That's 7 inches of foam people!

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